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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Further Exploring the Intelligence of Gut Feelings and Instincts for Mind-Body Unity, Excellent Health and Well Being

Welcome to our blog on exploring gut feelings and instincts and we give thanks to all our followers. We also welcome any guests swinging by from the Facebook SurfN Beach Party Book Event  June 15-19th, who have had a chance to interact with one of us about our work exploring gut feelings and our book. We hope you will find some additional material in the following posts to further explore gut feeling intelligence. And for those of our blog members who would like to know more of this book event and how you can also sign up to attend for free, please chick on the link above and join us there. We will also be giving away at the event a free paperback of our book "What's Behind Your Belly Button?" to one lucky winner, and there will be 11 other international authors that you can Facebook stream a conversation with about their books at the event, as well as many book giveaways and other prizes like an eReader.

Since we have been posting this blog site now since 2009, there may be some important posts that our blog guests have missed. Many of these posts will include sample pages that are on the topic explored in the post and are from our book What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct. The following is an updated list of our 15 blog posts to which we have had the most traffic and positive responses. There are many more posts on this blog, so if you are interested in reading every one of them, please feel free to use the left side bar archive or just keep clicking “older post” at the bottom of each page on the right side.

15 Most Viewed Blog Posts on Exploring Gut Feelings and Instincts:
1. Let’s Share the Burden of Guilt and Shame Carried by Our Returning War Heroes
  MAY 24, 2013

2. Following Gut Instincts to the Awareness of Our True Human Nature
APRIL 16, 2013

3.  What are the Instinctual Needs That are Often Confused for the Need of Food in Gut Feelings of Emptiness and Fullness?
MARCH 27, 2013

4.   Reflecting on Gut Feeling to Deal with Sadness and Loss in Love Relationship
FEBRUARY 14, 2013

5.  Was Religion Invented By the Thinking Mind to Try to Make Sense of Gut Feeling and Gut Instinct? An Exploration of the Theory of "God Is In the Gut"!
FEBRUARY 9, 2013

6.  Exploring Gut Feeling and Unresolved Issues with People
JANUARY 14, 2013

7. How Do We Know When Our Gut Feelings Are Reliable? Can you Trust a Gut Feeling?
DECEMBER 13, 2012

8. Reflecting on and Sharing Gut feelings of Emptiness and Aloneness to Deal with Fear During a Hurricane (or other Life Threatening Event)
OCTOBER 29, 2012

9. Explore Why Doctors Can Save Lives by Listening to their Gut Feelings During a Diagnosis: On Gut Feelings in General Practice
OCTOBER 5, 2012

10.  Why Is Reflecting Upon Our Gut Feelings So Important to Our Immune System and Well Being— Distinguishing the "You" and "Not Truly You" for Excellent Mental and Physical Health!

11.  Are Gut Feelings Really in the Gut? Understanding Your Gut Feelings and What They Are Telling You
AUGUST 16, 2012

12.  Increase your Intuition By Learning the Difference Between Emotional Feelings and Gut Feelings
JULY 16, 2012

13.  What Are Gut Feelings and Instincts & How To Become Aware of Them To Overcome Stress
JUNE 27, 2012

14.  A Specific Guide to Use to Listen to Your Gut Instincts—The Somatic Reflection Process
FEBRUARY 15, 2012

15. Acknowledging the Enteric Nervous System in the Gut To Provide a New Image and New Myth of Humanity
OCTOBER 15, 2009 (our first post)

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  1. Great post! I'm going back to read parts of the book again. Glad you met my daughter--she was quite drawn to you---and rightly so. :)

    love, Micki

  2. Thanks, Micki, am thrilled to have a correspondence with her and certainly wonderful to meet someone else so interested in the second brain.


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