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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Question on Instinctual gut feelings and indigenous peoples

Does anyone know of any particular indigenous peoples who lived by their awareness of instinctual gut feelings and had a cultural container for its people to do so? We were wondering this while pondering on the question of "How do we know that the consciousness of one's gut responses might actually be healthy as an evolutionary step for our species?" We know it is healthy in our lives and for the hundreds of people we have had the opportunity of coaching. But we really are not sure there is an example to point to in our far human history of an entire community who has gut feeling awareness and a healthy connection of the two brains—head and gut. Perhaps some of you have an idea on this? We suspect that cultures that have had more emphasis on feeling awareness may not have also had both gut and head brains consciously connected and communicating for maximum healthy living. Still, it is surely true that some cultures, as the Navajo, have been much closer than others to achieving a balance of human needs due to feeling awareness, and it would be interesting to know if any cultures had any indication of awareness of the gut instinct, through their art, rituals etc.

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