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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Following Gut Instincts to the Awareness of Our True Human Nature

 Few people really understand the esoteric meaning of "redemption" and thus simply understand it as some sort of higher spiritual force granting forgiveness to a lost soul though some atonement. But as we become more aware of ourselves through reflection on our gut feelings and instincts, we understand redemption with more self-involvement and see it as a deep renewal process of returning to the true Self, the Source of our Being; and we discover in that awareness the true Nature of the human being. For at the core of the human being, within all our Natures, springs our vital energy connected to the Sacred. There within our Nature we find the impact of our experiences upon us, our truth as we know it, and the inner needs that flower our motivation behind all our actions, even those actions we find difficult to explain or understand in positive ways become clear as acts of caring. 

Without an awareness of our inner Nature, we have no truth to hold onto and little of what we think is actually real. But how can we say our past is not really what we think it is? How can we say that we have always cared as human beings in our guts and our Human Nature? How can we say this when there are actions we know we have committed that were vile and poisonous to others? And when there are actions we have not made that have left our brothers and sisters alone and cold? We know the history of our actions, our behavior, so how can we challenge that these hauntings we have, these thoughts of who we have been are not real? The evidence weights so very heavy in favor of focusing on the external beliefs of good and evil, and in believing that truth lies only in an external judgment of human actions. And we are told to believe that the unseen part of the human experience is best left described as the "beast" by the religious majority and that this beast must be tamed—which is all "a powerful instrument for human mind control and a dogma that has become the foundation of human behavior control in both Mid Eastern and Western cultures". 

But what truly needs to be "tamed" for enlightenment to occur? Our inner Nature and instinct or our propensity of ignorance with a childlike innocense toward accepting the glamour of external judgments and thinking about ourselves? In reflection of our past, what part of us really got us in trouble? Our instinctive needs or our acceptance of inaccurate thinking about ourselves? Was our fear born out of an instinctive human need or a negative view, an illusion, we accepted quite early in life about the lack of divinity of our true selves? DId we then behave in less than caring ways due to our fears? And like a snow ball rolling down a hill, did we compound those actions based on our illusions until it was so big that we lost site of where it all began, how it all began, why it all began?

True redemption can only come once we lose our understanding of the truth of where we have come from and what we have truly needed. Only then are we compelled from our suffering to reflect upon our lives to understand how our inner needs are so vastly different from what we have accepted from the external judgments and views upon us that have been inaccurate descriptions of our core being.  We then see that what we think was reality was not. When the whole picture of who we have been is revealed, then we understand the confusion in our awareness of ourselves and can distinguish for the first time the "me" and the "not me". Those old tapes of beliefs about self and others, and those emotional hauntings, we have been running over and over and feeding energy into with our every action, fade away into oblivion. 

The truth of Self is our strongest energy on earth and has the ability to erase the past, the past that we thought was true, the past that we have suffered thinking was all that there was in our life history. That false and unholy past is erased for the truth turns on all the lights within us at last, our fear is gone, and we feel only eternal peace at the core of our caring nature. We step into the awareness of being a part of the Human Family, home at last in this connection. It is there that we find each other, there that we join in doing what we as Humans are meant to do, and there that history pivots in an eternal reality.

Here is a short excerpt from our book What's Behind Your Belly Button? that describes the process of finding our true caring Nature through using the Somatic Reflection Process on our gut feelings to reassess our life and find our authentic Self. (From Chapter Eight):

"Generally, the only way we can unravel this tightly woven thread of inaccurate thinking judgment and resulting emotional stress, is to reflect back to the source of when the thinking head first applied this very same judgment and find the actual source or as close to it as possible. And the key to finding this first experience is through reflection on the gut feeling of emptiness and fullness, not through thinking back on the details of our lives. Once we find this original experience in which we started the “tape” that plays over and over in our heads that we are all at fault, powerless, too needy, unlovable, etc., then we can lift the sentence we have placed on ourselves and our feelings and begin to see ourselves clearer and make healthy decisions—begin to use our thinking head to follow our instinctual needs and fulfill our true human nature."
"Of course, we realize that this is frightening for people because people have long ago been convinced that our human nature is selfishly uncaring and they think from that fear that is why we need laws and religion to keep us in control (not that we are against laws to help us have a guide). Freud founded psychoanalytical psychology with statements of this lack of dependability of human nature and it is difficult to pry the human race away from this dark and inaccurate judgment of whom we think we are deep inside. As we reflect on somatic gut feelings and listen to the gut voice, we see that it is the very judgment against the consciousness of our human nature or our gut instinctual responses that is ultimately responsible for the evils that it preaches against. So while it may seem frightening at first to reflect on our gut responses, people like the caring person they find themselves to have always been when they reach the consciousness of the gut response. And becoming aware of one’s true inner nature, instinctive gut feelings,  is not generally thought by those who experience it to be in conflict with the essence of one’s spiritual knowledge, but more of a Gnostic direct experience of the Sacred experienced in the gut or all of nature that is greater than us to be connected to us through the gut instincts. Some call this experiencing Presence."
"Reflection on the gut voice helps us to be more mindful of our caring nature and thus be more caring for others. And with the new awareness of our gut responses and needs that we acquire through reflection on our instinctual gut responses, we are able to live a more caring and healthy life with the thinking head finally conscious and listening more clearly to the responses of our most reliable and authentic self—our gut instinctual feelings in our body. What is called in yoga charkas systems as the Nabhi chakra located at the hara or gut center will fill and overflow with energy to the Anahatha or heart center and it will open with compassion loving others and improving the feeling of well being and the strength of the physical immune system."

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful book review and philosophical essay. Inspiration and spirituality can oftentimes be found in the secular world; this is often true from sources such as books, movies, and even music.

    Thank you for this article and I will be looking for more of the same in the future.

    1. Daron, it is so nice to see you here joining us on this blog and our exploration of the intelligence of gut instincts and are happy that you plan to return. Being primarily focused on the psychological aspects of the gut feeling process with people, we do not always talk about the spiritual aspects of doing the inner work aimed toward the understanding "Know Thy Self", but the energy released from such an exploration of the authentic self is always filled with inspiration and often awe. What more important is there to do in life but to bring the consciousness of our spirits, our true selves, into matter!

  2. Thanks for posting parts of your enlightening book. I still go back and reread so many parts to make sure I understand and each time I learn something I didn't quite grasp the last ime. I loved the book, needed the book and will treasure all my life.

    1. Micki, thank you for your kind and supportive comment and am so happy that our book had value to you and your life. This means so much to both Bob Sterling and myself, to have you say that you read and find meaning and understanding by rereading our book.

  3. This is some how valuable information given by you thanks for that, keep sharing....

    1. Thank you, Trueexistence, and so nice to have you joining us on our blog exploring gut instincts.


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