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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Specific Guide to Use to Listen to Your Gut Instincts—The Somatic Reflection Process

Thank you for coming to our blog. We hope you will read this post and use your gut feelings to give us your response! Now that Dr Michael Gershon, M.D., has proven in the medical lab that our gut, the enteric nervous system, has an intelligence of its own and not dependent on the head brain (although they affect each other), it seems that the exploration of the use of this second brain and the instinctual responses are finally emerging. We see blog articles all over the web now about the importance of using gut instincts. Many people are becoming painfully aware that we as a humanity have gotten far away from the consciousness of our gut instincts and some people are afraid they will one day go away. We can assure you that this will not happen and that our gut instincts are alive and well, just a bit hidden in our unconscious. And they can be accessed and listened to by anyone with feeling reflection work. The question that is rarely explored in a specific way in blogs and books today is how to actually get in touch with these instincts. We have developed a system for doing this work that we call the Somatic Reflection Process and we have furnished a complete protocol and examples for you to study and use in our new book "What's Behind Your Belly Button?", available on

So, we would like to say a word here about the Somatic Reflection Process to use to learn to listen to the gut instincts: The only way to truly understand what our gut instincts are is to reflect on the feelings in our gut and go back in time with our gut feeling reflection to an early childhood time when life was simple and our feelings were not so buried by our logic. When we do the work of this gut reflection, we find that our gut responses have always been there and hold the memory of the impact of experience upon us. As counselors, Bob and I have gone through this process with hundreds of people and no one, to our knowledge, has ever regretted the experience. Often times, the person was very willing to try this process because they were experiencing a gut knot or profound emptiness. But also, we used this method to deal with all adult problems in the here and now, including  career confusion and decision-making, relationship problems, personal loss, grief, shame, returning vets, trauma, etc. The gut instinctual feelings of emptiness and fullness-often confused with the feeling of empty and full in terms of the need for food—will always be concerned about the needs of the person for the balance of acceptance/connection and for control of one's own responses or the freedom to respond naturally, while the thinking head may be working in behalf of everything and everyone else outside of us. Upon listening to the gut voice again in our lives, the two brains may finally work together, and this serves the individual and the community. Listening to the voice of the gut and working to use our thinking head in consort, brings our body-mind together and opens the way of the heart and the higher intuitive mind.

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