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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Our 25+ Most Viewed Blog Articles on Exploring Gut Intelligence, Gut Feelings, Memory and Instincts

Welcome to our blog on exploring gut intelligence, feelings and instincts. We give thanks to all our followers. Since we have been posting this blog site now since 2009, there may be some important posts that you have missed. We have had a number of people ask us if we could make a convenient links list, up-to-date, that would be a summary of all the important post on this blog. The following is a list of our blog posts to which we have had the most traffic and positive responses. You may find older such lists on this blog, but this is the most up-to-date at this time. There are many more posts on this blog, so if you are interested in reading every one of them, please feel free to use the left side bar archive or just keep clicking “older post” at the bottom of each page on the right side.

Our 25+ Most Viewed Blog Posts on Exploring Gut Feelings and Instincts:


1. Reflections on Meetings With Isabel Myers and The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to Develop the Somatic Reflection Process on Gut Feelings
OCTOBER 11, 2018

2. How the Somatic Reflection Process Brings You New Hopeful Information From Your Past.
JANUARY 25, 2018

3.  Relationship of Instincts and Gut Microbiome in Human Development and Personality.
JUNE 11, 2017

4. Morals and Gut Instincts: How Our Awareness of Gut Feelings and Intuition May Protect Us From Immoral Behaviors.

5. Increasing Intuitional Intelligence: How the Awareness of Instinctual Gut Feelings Fosters Human Learning, Intuition, and Longevity.

6. Affects of Increased Awareness of Gut Instincts on Aging and Longevity
JULY 27, 2015
7. Freeing Human Nature: An Essay on the Process of Human Learning and the Two Brain System—Head and Gut
JULY 22, 2014

8. Healing the Trauma of the Body-Mind Split Through Accessing Instinctual Gut Feelings
MAY 27, 2014

9. Reflecting on Gut feelings as the Key to Recovering Childhood Memories that Enhance Healthy Adult Decision-Making
APRIL 19, 2014

10.  Is Love, Happiness, and Compassion Truly More Related to Your Heart or to Your Gut?
FEBRUARY 13, 2014

11. How to Explore Gut Feelings to Help In Making a Marriage Decision and Develop Self-Awareness for a Successful Love Relationship
DECEMBER 3, 2013

12. Exploring Gut Instincts and the Need To Be "Social" as Applied to the Education of Our Children
OCTOBER 23, 2013

13. Following Gut Instincts to the Awareness of Our True Human Nature
APRIL 16, 2013

14. Was Religion Invented By the Thinking Mind to Try to Make Sense of Gut Feeling and Gut Instinct? An Exploration of the Theory of "God Is In the Gut"!
FEBRUARY 9, 2013

15. What are the Instinctual Needs That are Often Confused for the Need of Food in Gut Feelings of Emptiness and Fullness?
MARCH 27, 2013

16. Improving Gut Health Using the Somatic Reflection Process to Influence Both Physical and Mental Health

17.  Reflecting on Gut Feeling to Deal with Sadness and Loss in Love Relationship
FEBRUARY 14, 2013

18.  Exploring Gut Feeling and Unresolved Issues with People
JANUARY 14, 2013

19. How Do We Know When Our Gut Feelings Are Reliable? Can you Trust a Gut Feeling?
DECEMBER 13, 2012

20. Reflecting on and Sharing Gut feelings of Emptiness and Aloneness to Deal with Fear During a Hurricane (or other Life Threatening Event)
OCTOBER 29, 2012

21. Explore Why Doctors Can Save Lives by Listening to their Gut Feelings During a Diagnosis: On Gut Feelings in General Practice
OCTOBER 5, 2012

22.  Why Is Reflecting Upon Our Gut Feelings So Important to Our Immune System and Well Being— Distinguishing the "You" and "Not Truly You" for Excellent Mental and Physical Health!

23. Are Gut Feelings Really in the Gut? Understanding Your Gut Feelings and What They Are Telling You
AUGUST 16, 2012

24.  Increase your Intuition By Learning the Difference Between Emotional Feelings and Gut Feelings
JULY 16, 2012

25.  What Are Gut Feelings and Instincts and How To Become Aware of Them To Overcome Stress
JUNE 27, 2012

26. A Specific Guide to Use to Listen to Your Gut Instincts—The Somatic Reflection Process
FEBRUARY 15, 2012

27. Acknowledging the Enteric Nervous System in the Gut To Provide a New Image and New Myth of Humanity
OCTOBER 15, 2009

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