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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcome to our Blog All About Gut Feelings and Instincts

Welcome to our International Guests,
Gut feelings are universal to all human beings, and therefore we see the needs they signal to us as instinctual needs of our human species. Gut feelings are an inner experience to which all people can relate. More and more questions about the intelligence of gut feelings are being asked all over the world. We have several new members to our blog this last month and a number of viewers from France, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, India, China, Australia, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Barbados, Nigeria, Kenya, Chile, Italy, Japan, North Korea, Taiwan, Argentina, and many from the USA. And we welcome our most recent visitors from the Ukraine, Egypt, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey, and Latvia. We welcome all of you and hope that you will introduce yourselves and tell us what drew you to view our site on gut instincts and our new book What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct. Please let us know what country you live in and what your interest and experience is with your own gut feelings. Also, we welcome any other comments to our posts, old or new, we check them! 

If you are part of the study of gut feelings in general practice, the Collaborative Research Program of the Universities of  Maastricht, Antwerp, Gottingen and Brest, please leave word and sign in as a guest. We would love to hear more about your fascinating study.

Wenn Sie einen Teil des Studiums Bauchgefühl in der allgemeinen Praxis sind, die Collaborative Research Program der Universitäten Maastricht, Antwerpen, Göttingen und Brest, bitte verlassen Wort und melden Sie sich als Gast. Wir würden gerne mehr über Ihre faszinierende Studie zu hören. 

If you have questions about our work with gut feelings, we also welcome personal correspondence through our email at

Please go to our "Blog Archive" on the left hand column of this page and view some of our many posts on the intelligence of the gut responses and gut feelings.

Martha Love

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  1. I'm hoping that some of your international guests will share their perspectives and comments as this is such an intriguing area of study!

  2. Sandra, I really do too. I put a translator on this blog but I really have no idea if it is helpful to people. According to Blogger's statistics I am given as the blog host, we added another country to the list yesterday of guests— Ukraine.


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